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Custom Area Rugs

Giving your room an instant makeover, area rugs are a quick, economical, and simple way to add colour, texture, and dramatic change. At Carpet One Floor & Home of Woodstock, ON we can help you customize your perfect area rug encompassing all the colours, styles, and dimensions your unique space requires.

Protecting your hard-surface floor from everyday assaults, your area rug is much, much, more than a floor covering, however. Today, area rugs are commonly called on to define your space, provide added depth and texture, and even make your room appear larger. From manufactured rugs that look identical to hand-woven designs, to custom-bound area rugs made to order using your favourite carpeting, we can help bring your vision to reality. 

Benefits of Custom Area Rugs

Is your space best described as “hard to fit?” Perhaps you’re longing to give your favourite room a new look, but don’t have the time or budget for something major? Or, maybe you’re simply seeking a solution that’s not quite so permanent. A new area rug can solve all these issues. We can help you create the perfect area rug, emphasizing our custom binding and custom sizing services for rugs of all sizes. In fact, our area rugs are bound right within our store. 

Your area rug is more than just a decorative accent. Use your rug to create a specified seating or dining area, while protecting your floor from the damages caused by furniture and footsteps. Want to learn more about area rugs, and how to create the latest looks? Visit our showroom, located at 236 Norwich Avenue in Woodstock, ON or give us a call at (519) 536-9618. Here, you’ll find many of the leading rug brands, including an extensive line of Cutting Edge products.  

Custom Area Rug Options

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How to Decorate with Area Rugs

Looking for some ideas on how to accentuate your space using area rugs? From adding colour to your bedroom, to creating a cozy spot for memorable family meals, here are some ideas to get you started. 

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How to Care for Area Rugs

With proper care, your new area rug will bring enjoyment for many years to come. Regular cleanings are a key component to keeping your rug radiant. 

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