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Lackluster colors in your home sets the mood when you walk in. Too bright of colors can be in your face, and darker tones may feel depressing. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the color of your walls, especially when you are complimenting your style and home décor. However, options and the right paint makes for longer lasting color and ability to stand up to rooms with more moisture, such as your bathrooms. 

At Carpet One Woodstock, we may be known for our flooring variety, but we also offer the perfect paint brand to compliment your new floor. Para Paints provide rich colors and warmth to any room in your house. Learn more about the benefits and available colors below. 

Not only does Para Paints provide gorgeous colors, but many benefits like improvements to blemishes on your walls.

Some benefits include: 

  • Water-based products to make cleaning brushes easier

  • Durability and mar-resistance

  • Can be painted over many surfaces

  • Dries quickly with very little odor

  • Complies to environmental standards involving VOCs

Additionally, Para Paints offer a wide selection of colors, tones, trends, and collections, including the 2017 Colour of the Year. This nature -inspired collection also incorporates tranquility and relaxation. 

2017 Colour of the Year: 

Colors below may not be the exact color impressions of the collection. Visit the Para Paints website to see more. 

Para PaintsPara Paints

Para PaintsPara Paints

At our Carpet One Woodstock store, you can come to us for all your home renovation projects.

To learn more about Para Paints contact Carpet One Woodstock today, or visit our showroom in Woodstock, Ontario. 

Para Paints:

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