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Hardwood in Woodstock, ON

If you’re searching for hardwood flooring near you in Woodstock, ON, you’re not alone! As many homeowners know, nothing can truly replicate a real hardwood floor. With its natural construction, hardwood flooring adds value to any home; if appropriately maintained, its value will endure. However, there are several things to consider when choosing your specific flooring. Here at Woodstock Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer a vast selection of hardwood flooring options, including engineered hardwood floors.


Not sure which flooring is right for you? Here’s a guideline for choosing the best hardwood flooring option!


What Should I Consider When Choosing My Hardwoods?

When it comes to choosing the hardwood flooring for your space, consider the overall aesthetic of your space, along with the style of hardwoods and the type of hardwood you wish to install. Hardwood flooring is versatile and comes in a variety of unique styles. Are you looking for a high-gloss, modern look, or a more rustic style full of character?


Some styles of hardwood are characterized by features like:


In addition to style, there are distinct species of hardwood flooring available. Each hardwood option offers unique shades and character. Remember that each hardwood species features a different strength level and wear resistance, e.g., Pine is softer, while Oak is harder in strength.


Some different hardwood options include species like:


Solid vs Engineered Hardwood - Which One Is Best For Me?

After considering the species and style of hardwood you prefer, consider which type of hardwood works best for you, e.g., solid or engineered hardwoods. Consider your lifestyle, interior design, and the desired area of installation. Solid and engineered hardwoods look and feel identical. Still, there are major distinctions worth considering. We carry all the best hardwood brands, with countless solid and engineered options to ponder. Here's what you need to know if you're considering installing new hardwood flooring.


Solid hardwood flooring is the traditional hardwood option. Solid planks are made from a single layer of authentic wood, with no layering at all. The surface is usually finished and treated for extra wear resistance.


Some benefits of solid hardwood include:



Engineered hardwood flooring is made from different layers. The top and bottom layers are made from authentic wood. Its middle layers consist of plywood or similar materials. Each engineered plank has up to seven middle layers, which are cross-grained for added depth. Engineered hardwood planks are more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood planks.


Some benefits of engineered hardwood:


Installation: Where Can My Hardwoods Be Installed?

Hardwood flooring is recommended for home settings without significant foot traffic and moisture. Since hardwood flooring is sensitive to moisture, we encourage customers to avoid installing it in bathrooms or kitchens. Both solid and engineered hardwoods can be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces. Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on all levels of your home, including hallways and finished basements. 


How Should I Prep For My Hardwood Installation?

When preparing for your hardwood installation with Carpet One, in Woodstock, ON, there are a few things to consider:


Things to keep in mind:


Maintain the manufacturers’ required temperature and humidity in the areas where your hardwood is being installed.


Our Hardwood Floor Selection

As your local hardwood experts, we are here to help you find the perfect floor for your home. We are a member of the Carpet One cooperative which gives us an advantage over the big box stores. We can still hold tight to our local roots while offering the best hardwood flooring brands. Be sure to stop by our showroom to chat with one of our sales professionals about new hardwood floors for your upcoming project, or browse our hardwood selection online.



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Hardwood Flooring Care

Keep the cleaning to a minimum so you can enjoy your solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floors for years to come. Follow these simple flooring care tips!