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Window Treatments

Window Treatments

If you’re looking for a store that carries a wide variety of window treatments and home products, Carpet One Floor & Home is your place! Not only do we sell and install floors, but we also have an extensive collection of other products and services including window treatments. Our window fashions range in style, price, features, and more. We are sure that if you’re in the market for window treatments, you’ll find something you adore in our store.


Benefits of Window Treatments

It can be surprising to learn that window treatments are more than just a piece of décor. While they do add to the décor of your home in many ways, they also bring advantages to your home space. Some of these benefits include light control, flooring protection, and a sense of security.


Lighting is different in every home. Depending on the number of windows, where they are placed, and the direction your home faces, you can have a lot of natural light or very little. While many people enjoy natural light, the sun is not always welcomed at all hours of the day. For example, if you are trying to sleep in but instead wake up to the bright sun in your face, you may not want that much light at that time. Window treatments let you choose when you want high or low amounts of light or none.


Along with the ability to control light, window treatments allow you to protect your floors from sunlight. While the effects of sunlight on floors are not always immediate, after time they can be seen where the sun hits most. Just like controlling the amount of light in your home, you can stop the harmful effects of UV rays on your floor by lowering shades during the day. Shading your floors means that they will be longer lasting and hold their colour more than if they were exposed to the sun daily.


Window treatments give homeowners the option of making their homes more private. It’s no secret that you can see in and out of your windows from both sides. While many windows are often a favourable feature, it’s also true that the amount of privacy you have is not ideal when your windows are wide open, and the lights are on. Window treatments give you the option of having more private evenings and mornings.


We carry window treatments in solid colours, patterns, and a variety of fabrics. Some treatments even have new and improved features. Shade-O-Matic is one of our featured brands, and they focus on bringing the best quality products to you.  Let us help you find the perfect window treatment for you today!

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